ACI Technologies

ACI Technologies, Inc. (ACI) continually engages the challenges of electronics manufacturing with a resolve to assist our valued customers using the latest manufacturing, test, and analytical equipment. Most importantly, ACI associates bring experience, value, and innovation toward meeting present and future customer requirements.

ACI meets all of your electronics manufacturing needs and provides solutions through exceptional analytical laboratory, design, and manufacturing factory services. ACI also provides IPC and custom training with value added failure analysis and manufacturing discussions, as well as equipment demonstrations, ensuring students receive a training experience that exceeds their expectations.

ACI Technologies drives the insertion of technology into manufacturing through applied R&D, manufacturing technologies, and engineering. Expertise includes research, materials, manufacturing, engineering, prototyping, training, program management, and consulting. ACI's effectiveness is leveraged through partnerships that involve complete supply chain participation. ACI operates two Navy Centers of Excellence, the EMPF ( for Electronics Manufacturing and the B2PCOE ( for Benchmarking and Best Practices as well as the U.S. Army's Electronics Sustainment Center (AESC).

ACI would like to thank all of the vendors and attendees of the Tech Expo held at our facility in Philadelphia this past May. Please come back and see us again!

Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, is pleased to announce that it has renewed its partnership with ACI Technologies, Inc. (ACI). Under the agreement, Essemtec has provided ACI with a complete SMT line. In return, Essemtec uses ACI’s world-class facility for demos, seminars, and training.